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8/27/2017 11:51 am  #1

To bush or not to bush an IRS?

Hello and Hi to everybody on here!

I am a long time member of this very very helpfull forum but had health problems with my father so not much time to be here enough. I did a bunch of Jaguar IRS installs in all kinds of Ford vehicles and had never a complaint or problem with any of them. I changed all the installs to the cage type a la Daze and they are performing well. On the success stgories page, there is a burgundy '68 Mustang pictured which was one of my first or second install. 2 weeks ago I got the car back for some maintenance (after 4-5 years of hard abused driving) and started checking all and everything.
I noticed cracks in the cover sheet metal around the top IRS center mount bolt holes (ı used the stock Jaguar center mounting plate). After investigating the whole unit, it appears to be caused because the cage is mounted via bushings to the frame, the trailing arms are independantly mounted to the frame via harder bushings with less "give" then the cage bushings! The difference in "plays must have caused the cracking visible in the pics?!?! The center pieces is not stable in the bottom (because of the bushings) and tilts sightly front to back which in my situation causes the cracks. After further inspection I decided to remove the cage and mount all tie mounts to the cage itself, eliminating any and all play caused by the bushings "give". Hope I could explain the problem.
The drawback is that I had to run the new crossmember below the mustangs rear frame rails which makes them a little more visible. Now I just loosen the driveshaft, brake lines/e brake cable and the cage to lower the whole unit as one piece from the car if need arrises.

Just wanted to share!

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8/28/2017 2:39 am  #2

Re: To bush or not to bush an IRS?

Great solution - looks like some nice "kit" potential. 

Cheers - Jim

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12/11/2017 2:59 pm  #3

Re: To bush or not to bush an IRS?

That looks like it would work on my Tbird.

1941 Chevrolet Coupe getting a XJS IFS/IRS
now thinking Ill also do my 1962 Rocketbird.

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