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9/03/2017 7:55 am  #1

Bolt pattern

I am building a 1984 c20 Chevy truck. I have removed all the 3/4 ton suspension and replaced it with 1/2 ton, shortened it to a short bed and lowered it I want to lower it more but don't want to cut up the bed. So I wanted to go with a irs rear. My problem is I have already pick a paid for the wheels I want which are 5x5 bolt pattern   I have found that none of them have my 5x5 bolt pattern  does anyone know of an company that make a kit to convert a Thunberbird, markviii or a corvette to the Chevy 5x5  without adapters

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9/04/2017 8:19 am  #2

Re: Bolt pattern

Hi Seim55,

Did something similar on a 8" ford axle. The machine shop turned down the flange where the lug studs used to be and welded on a new turned one with the correct bolt pattern. They heated up the axle while welding the flange, a few minutes on the lathe and it was done. Pretty sure the car still has this axle in use!


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7/30/2018 9:39 am  #3

Re: Bolt pattern

I would really appreciate a bit more details on this, Mustsed. Are you still around, brother?


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