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7/04/2017 1:34 pm  #1

Ball joint mount angle?

Has anyone ever seen a lower ball joint mounted at anything other than vertical?

As in both the knuckle and the lower controll arm are designed with an angle, and the spring /bump force is no longer solely a tension/compression load on the ball joint, but now also partially shear.

Problem is, my rear bearing housing section of the rear knuckle is 5" in diameter, and I want to use 15 wheels. This leaves only about 4" height for a lower ball joint, which K6293 is about 4.6" tall.

Should I move the ball joint inboard like poor kingpin angle?
Should I move the ball joint forward like poor caster?
Should I use a spherical with possibly an axial load ration some 20% of the radial?

Thoughts? I'm way over my head here.

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