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7/04/2016 9:38 am  #1

What would this differential be worth.

Trying to locate part # for the axle shafts.
Would also like to know the ratio.
What would this differential be worth.
Looks like it was never installed in a vehicle.???

# on case I believe to be 38311 c4606
and on back cover is # 12

That's all the info I have.



7/27/2016 6:33 pm  #2

Re: What would this differential be worth.

Thats a Subaru diff. It will most likely have 3.90:1 ratio due to the fact that 99.9% of them came with the 3.9 ratio in the transaxle. The pinion is the counter shaft so changing ratio is all but impossible with out factory support. The simbol next to the 12 on the rear cover is the simbol for the Subaru casting facility. That pretty much nails it.

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