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10/08/2015 6:53 pm  #1

Manual or Power Rack and Pinion?

Anybody have any input on the necessity of power steering in a 2,600 lb. kit car?  It's going to be more of a performance vehicle, and not something the wife is going to drive.  I'm thinking of a manual rack with a 15:1 ratio from Flaming River.


10/12/2015 9:07 am  #2

Re: Manual or Power Rack and Pinion?

I think I would go power.  Its not just about the ease of steering but also the amount of forse being exerted on the steering components from the rack input shaft to the steering wheel.  After doing a dry test n my Galaxia I saw how much those parts moved arounds and all that is eliminated by the power assist.  Mot to mention the fact that these cars do not like to turn very well when the steering is manual. just my 2¢

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10/12/2015 8:11 pm  #3

Re: Manual or Power Rack and Pinion?

I'm in the same quandry with my '65 Mustang.  The Coyote engine does not have provision for a power robbing power steering pump.  A 20:1 manual rack seems like it will be to slow, but they are a lot more inexpensive than the quick ratio Flaming River.  Your Vicki should be fairly light in front and you can probably get away with the 15:1 manual.  Is there someone at F. R. with experience that can help you?  I found this quick ratio rack on E-Bay, , but the seller does not statet the actual ratio anywhere in his ad, that I can see.  Cheap enough to try, and we could always go to power, later. 

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10/27/2015 11:31 pm  #4

Re: Manual or Power Rack and Pinion?

When I put the Grigs racing front suspension under the front of my 67 gt350 I had to make the same decision. My brake power booster was starting to leak vacume and since this was my third booster and it required a belt driven vacume pump to work, I went with power rack with a Hydro boost hydralic brake booster. Killing two birds with one stone. Best of all I was able to use a variable ratio power rack. These are not available in manual form. I have been very happy with my choice ever since. The Hydro booster is smaller than the vacume can and provide far superior braking. It was amazing how much better hydralic assist is over vacume. Its a night and day difference.


6/28/2016 12:34 am  #5

Re: Manual or Power Rack and Pinion?

Welll, I lean toward as few power robbing accessories as possible.
Steering that is light around town may be twitchy at speed.
PS pump takes what, 8HP?

I may be a bit extreme about this as in addition to dumping the PS I'm also hoping to drop the PB via dual masters and a balance bar.

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7/11/2016 11:22 pm  #6

Re: Manual or Power Rack and Pinion?

Hmmmmm. ....Which kit car?  What % weight on the front?  What type of driving? Front tire contact width?  
I have a 70's Manta Mirage, manual, not a problem turning the wheel at garage entry/exit speeds, 245/50-15 on the front, 8-9" contact width.
Front end weight is about 900 lbs., total about 1900 lbs.
I also have a 1968 Z/28 I've owned since 10/73, manual, 9" contact width on the front, 1640 lbs on the front.
Challenging when parallel parking but otherwise OK.
Neither is a daily driver (Lexus ES 330).


10/23/2017 2:43 am  #7

Re: Manual or Power Rack and Pinion?

Just a couple of quick ideas.  Believe I've seen power steering setup with an accessory pump.  Can't speak to cost - but doubt it is at 8HP.  Also if it is already "twitchy" may not want to try a "Quickener" or such item.

Available from circle track outfits - Speedway, Lefthander, etc.
Cheers - Jim

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