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6/24/2016 8:53 pm  #1

xj40 irs into 47 buick..

Hi guys, im in need of some assistance re an xj40 irs..i have a 47 buick that im rodding, i have trial fitted an earlier cage type jag irs but its marginal for width, and the cage is going to cause problems re exhaust and brake servicing short of dropping it all out. I have had a look at some picks of the xj40 unit, looks to be a better option, i live way out in the sticks and i don't have access a unit to measure key areas of concern are the width between calipers ( buick chassis is super wide) and also i am trying to ascertain if i can move the coil/shock assy from forward of the arm to the rear of the arm as that would suit my chassis and floor layout far better. Also, i need a overall axle width at ride height..the buick is running an earlier xj6 front crossmember soft mounted and i am keen to take advantage of jags work in minimising NVH ..hence i wanted to run the earlier  rubber mounted cage type irs but as i said, not very amenable to my floorpan and chassis .My intention is to utilise the xj40 mountings and crossmember as it is. The buick rear rails taper outward just forward of the upsweep, i think calipers are going to be close to outer rails, maybe i could swap uprights from side to put calipers at rear..chassis doesn't sweep down after axle centreline so i may be able to gain clearance at full travel that way. The car is an Aust Holden bodied 400 sedan, running a  mild Holden 308/th700 , so a ratio in low to mid 3s would be nice..its kind of a luxo rod and i want it to ride nicely and not be harsh. Any help appreciated ! cheers James


6/27/2016 6:24 am  #2

Re: xj40 irs into 47 buick..

Hi James - you might take a look at Snow White and their Jag IRS crossmember kit.   I'm putting an XSJ rear-end with inboard brakes on my 46 Olds 600.

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