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2/24/2016 7:25 am  #1

Mercedes W126 IRS....anyone use this in a build?

Mercedes W126 IRS....anyone use this in a hot rod build?

I became the proud owner of 2 older 84' 300SD/Turbo W126 Mercedes complete IRS rear assemblies which seem very similar to the Jag as it is built into a cradle. It is a brute built aluminum IRS/LSD rear with a 3.66 & 3.92 and 4.02 ratio options, bolts up very should be much like a Jag remod install. Would appreciate any feed back....even if it is to tell me it isn't a not so good idea...but, please tell me why it isn't a good
...and...I am new to this forum and have been reading a lot of the posts.....must say....there is a lot of good post questions with great answers. I have been on some other sites where they just bicker and pick on peoples ideas.....not kool in my book.
Thanks again...


3/10/2016 10:22 pm  #2

Re: Mercedes W126 IRS....anyone use this in a build?

I thought the older MB cars pivoted near the center making them like a swing axle. Kind of like an old v dub.


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