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1/21/2016 12:43 am  #1

Home Textiles bed with cotton sheeting

Recently, the China Textile City Winter Turnover local show flat trend obvious differentiation pattern of winter and spring varieties. Some cloths companies and large salesrooms local creative fabrics sold well, but the community fabric stock transactions continue to be insufficient. Public partial retraction spot transactions winter and spring creative fabrics partial orders increased. To the whole market, the daily market turnover falls short.Recent market, in spring craft casual cotton fabric hanging like the overall market increased significantly, but the spot market remained limited, in order to attract more orders, prices remained basically stable, low-volume multi-batch partial turnover increased slightly.Home Textiles bed with cotton sheeting, cotton ticking the spot market remained limited overall market, the daily turnover of more significant vibration pattern. Some cotton yarn 20S and 30S mixed woven type varieties at higher prices, cotton yarn 32S and 40S mixed woven type varieties at higher prices, some of the old models of local varieties of flowers in small quantities of dispersion based batch transactions. Volkswagen spot local steady lower, with innovative fabrics orders basically stable.In recent days, spring Kam cotton Knitting Fabric and composite composite fabric, hanging like different varieties and small batch spot to launch daily increase. Among them, Polyester fabric and knitted fabric composite composite fabric, Kam cotton knitted fabrics and composite composite fabric, Kam cotton weft knitted fabrics and composite fabric composite, have each batch or orders for spot transactions. In a suit with a T / R wool-knitted composite fabric cloth surface and bottom fabric production, the daily turnover of the local increase in several batches, Locality expedited batch increase.Due to the current winter production and processing business volume has been compressed around the country, around the garment export garment manufacturers a price advantage in the international and domestic markets significantly weakened, garment exports and domestic sales in the upgrading and more on value-added products to improve and work hard, because the labor force increased costs, mass products significantly weakened the price advantage, running significantly reduced the amount of product margins.Up to now, due to decreased downstream demand, the overall stock turnover Textile City Winter City gradually dropped, especially in winter fabrics spot transactions dropped significantly. But next year spring fabrics partially been pre-empted, after part of the front shop and a factory-style cloth industry, company and entity-oriented industry and trade integration of large salesrooms spring fabrics into the market increased significantly, under partial orders increased, creative fabrics market advantage local show. Next year in the spring fabrics partially hanging like increase some cloths companies and large salesrooms still bulk orders, printing and dyeing, embroidery fabric partial orders there, creative fabrics went smoothly quite partial deal. But into the inner part of the current market sales of small and medium business users is now the daily turnover has declined, the market's major growth is still concentrated in the rear part of the front shop and a factory-style cloth industry, company and entity-oriented industry and trade integration of large salesrooms. Textile City market from the traditional Spring Festival holiday has only ten days time, according to the downstream garment manufacturer information feedback projections, Textile City fabric market functioning phase will be limited to within two weeks time. Normal this winter because the city has been relatively limited sales period, after more than one week, part of the winter weaving manufacturer inventory spot promotional initiatives will significantly increase, some manufacturers and market dealers clearing clearing bank will further increase, part of the winter inventory availability and processing goods will be the market, the local market will rebound, but the overall increase in market turnover is still relatively limited.
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