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1/21/2016 12:41 am  #1

Driving the right way to make the brakes longevity

Often been asked how long the brake pads replaced once the most appropriate. This is a difficult question to answer. In addition to often long distances more provincial brakes, the most important is the driving style it properly, such as the amount of driving ahead, if we can have a good grasp, and you will find a lot of time simply do not need to hit the brakes. Generally, a brake pad with 100,000 km is no problem, if used well, it can even reach 150,000 km.Replace the brake padsBecause each driver brakes the frequency is not the same, difficult to define how long the brake pads need to be replaced again. The only way is, when a routine check to see if the brake pads wear, if reached a critical point, you have to immediately replaced.Replace the brake disc brake pads is relatively simple. Remove the tire, release the brake caliper screws can win brakes, then put the new, the whole process up to five minutes and does not require any adjustment.Replace the drum brakes slightly harder, the wheels need to be removed, and then remove the brake drum, and then to replace the brakes, pay attention to the situation coincide with a new brake drum brake pads between coincident bad, and sometimes need polishing ; the assembly, the need to adjust the gap between the brake pads and the brake drum. In short, this is a somewhat technical content of work.Driving the right way to make the brakes longevityThe problem encountered little slam on the brakes, which is a favorite person of bad driving skills, but is actually the accident risk. I believe you may have this experience: in front of the car go good, the road ahead is also nothing wrong with children, but she inexplicably happens to the foot brake, rear makes the car caught off guard, rear-end of a great possibility. This is a typical killers.In addition, there are people driving the process, the foot has only two choices: Come on, hit the brakes. Brakes reached a very high level of frequency. In fact, such people are not a minority. And this result is naturally 2-3 million km, it has to change once the brake pads.Driving the right way to keep in concentrate, Big World, identify problems early resumption of oil deceleration, according to changes in the situation to decide whether to hit the brakes. Doing so can save gasoline, but also extend the life of Brake Pad China .
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