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7/03/2015 6:48 pm  #1

Narrowing a XK8 IRS

I have 2 XK8s that I am working on and want to go at the rear end a little different.  One is a 97 coupe and the the other is a 2000 coupe, both in excelent sheetmetal shape with poor motors and transmissions.  I have been drag racing for the last 40 years and sold everything this year and decided to build a pro street type rod out of the 97 and a Sunday cruser out of the 2005 Both will have LS3 motors (480 in the 97) and 4L65E transmissions.  The point of this is that I planned on back halving the 97 with 15 inch tires and a 4 link with polyurethane ends.  I would like to narrow the XK8 IRS enough to provide clearance for the tires.  I have a street Nova that has been back halved and the rear track is 62 inches, with the center of the 4 link bars at 22 inches, also with 15 inch tires.  The 97 rear track is 60 inches.  Can the XK8 IRS be narrowed enough to make everything work?  Will use rear coilovers.


7/20/2015 10:25 pm  #2

Re: Narrowing a XK8 IRS

I see no problem narrowing the Jag rear end for your cruiser.  The IRS will ride well and is strong enough to survive the LS3 with an automatic trans, in my opinion.  There is a ton of information on this site, about narrowing the Jag IRS, tips on controlling wheel hop, radius rod how to, Watts linkage, shock valving, etc.  Curt Hamilton narrowed my XJ6 and added posi-lock because I did not want to mess with it.   For pro-street or drag racing I would not go IRS; again my opinion.  Anybody want to chime in?

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7/23/2015 6:50 pm  #3

Re: Narrowing a XK8 IRS

Depending on how much traction you expect and type of driving you're doing, the IRS should be good for most every day driving. The only concern with the narrowing is the strength of the half shafts. But even those can be done with good strength. At worst you can get a shop which specializes in driveshafts to make shorter one which are similar to a corvette.


1/17/2016 3:19 pm  #4

Re: Narrowing a XK8 IRS

I have a 88 Chevy S10 Blazer that I am putting a 383 Stroker in and have purchased a Jag IRS for it. the current width of the one I have is about 60 inches. It has the 4 coil shock set up and I think it is from a xj6 with the salbury diff. I need to narrow it to about 54-55 inches. My stock diff is 54.5 wide. Any info would be great especially if some one else has done this swap in the past. Greg


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