Independent Rear Suspension, OEM, aftermarket, stock configuration or heavily modified, all makes and models, everyone is welcome here!!!

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5/03/2015 1:05 pm  #1

Thank you

Hi Daze and Chaps, thank you so much for setting up this forum

I am about to post some queries I have about fitting IRS in my Jensen, thank you for sharing your Knowledge in a form of a forum, where would we all be today without the internet and the ability to share our knowledge of life in all aspects

With my kind regards


5/03/2015 1:07 pm  #2

Re: Thank you

I do actually remember reading something on here before from someone who was trying to do the same as me, Fitting IRS in an Interceptor, I do have a few clues now to how they did it and hopefully will be able to show in the next post, thank you all again for knowledge sharing

With my kind regards

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