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4/24/2012 8:02 pm  #1

Theoretical IRS

I was thinking after the recent post about converting a Jag IRS into an IFS for a 4 X 4 how hard would it be to convert an IFS into an IRS??  I was picturing my Mustang and other than the loss of trunk space I think you could duplicate the shock towers and the entire front suspension, hank a Jag diff in the middle and then run some sub axles out and easily make an IRS to match the IFS.  The only hang up would be the hub, but using all the mounting locations and such from the spindle one could be fabbed up fairly easily, than like the corvette set up a bar would need to be added to stabilize the "steering" aspect of the rear end, and where to mount the inner end of the link may take some trial and error.    I am not going to do it, but it brings up an interesting idea.  By copying the IFS you know the suspension geometry would be correct... or at least no worse than the fron and talk about having a balanced system between front and rear.  If I had unlimited time and $$ (both of which are in short supply)  I think it would be a fun experiment.

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4/24/2012 8:40 pm  #2

Re: Theoretical IRS

Put mayonnaise in the tuna can. Better yet, feed the tuna mayonnaise! LOL! I can't help it Day too funny, but hmmm... How would the motor sit? We are talking about making a rear or mid-engine car no?

Have you seen the movie Night Shift? Funny lines, I'm an idea man! LOL!
Bill: What if you mix the mayonnaise in the can, WITH the tunafish? Or... hold it! Chuck! I got it! Take LIVE tuna fish, and FEED 'em mayonnaise! Oh this is great.
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Bill: Call Starkist!


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4/25/2012 7:57 am  #3

Re: Theoretical IRS

Do tuna like to eat Mayonnaise ore Miracle Whip??  No need to move the engine because I am not changing the IFS, I would simply copy the IFS in the rear with the exception of custom hubs in place of spindles and a solid mounted differential with half shafts to.  A Mustang IFS is set up with a spring and shock on top of the UCA, in a shock tower.  SOOOO shock towers would need to be added to the trunk and then the OEM front UCAs and LCAs could be used "as designed".  This would be a huge undertaking and honestly a major pain because where the shock towers would need to go is half in the trunk and half in the cab, directly under the back window.  But interesting to think about.  I wonder how a car would handle that had identical front and rear camber curves, track width, suspension reactions.  In theory by doing this the suspension reaction would be identical when going straight, and would only change slightly when cornering.  Something fun to think about.

If it isn't broken..... modify it anyway!!!!
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4/25/2012 9:22 am  #4

Re: Theoretical IRS

Hi everybody,

I had that idea years ag but instead of using upper and lower control arms I just tought of using a complete front end off of a big FWD Van!

Fabbing a system to keep them straight, making a LCA pivot point and a strut rod for it. On top you just verify the location of the strut shock and make an adjustable plate to place it. There will still be the need for a differential but that won't be to difficult.

Would love to see this done.


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4/25/2012 9:56 am  #5

Re: Theoretical IRS

The strength of the control arms might be an issue since they were not designed for acceleration forces. However they WERE designed for braking forces so they might be fine. Might want to do a bit of analysis on that though.



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