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11/04/2015 8:56 pm  #1

drive axel/posi

I joined some yrs back when i first got my 66 mustang coupe, yes it is still in the same condition. I now have the chance to buy a irs out of a 1990 XJ6 Vanden jag. I was told by the salvage yard to make sure that it is a" locker" part # JAJLM192238. The problem is the undercoating is everywhere. Where do I look for this number?   side note vin# SAJKY1747LC609722
I would have thought that all irs are posi
thanks for the help



11/07/2015 1:14 am  #2

Re: drive axel/posi

You probably are looking at a  Salisbury differential.  Easy way to tell is if it has a drain plug.  Regardless, Power Lock was an option.  One way to tell if you have a "posi" rear in a car is to put it in neutral and raise the rear off the ground.  If you rotate a wheel and the other wheel rotates in the same direction it has a locking feature built into the differential.  If the wheel on the opposite side rotates in the opposite direction it does not have posi-traction.  If you don't have power lock it can be added by someone like Curt Hamilton.

Numerous ratios are available for the Salisbury, if a gear change is required.  There should be a tag, attached by a cover bolt, indicating the number of teeth on the ring and pinion.

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