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12/13/2016 3:16 pm  #91

Re: The aftermarket IRS picture thread

Nick_P wrote:

Interesting site but wow, so little activity.  Anyone here like the new IRS from AME

Welcome - and get that second post in so you can add pics!  I personally am in and out on an infrequent basis.  Will restaert my Corvett project next season.  This year I get/have to move my sailboat from South East Asia to South Africa  - so have been busy with getting that all ready.

Ask away any questions you might have - but be patient - I think many members are otherwise "engaged," like me and drop in from time-to-time. 

Cheers - Jim

UNDERCONSTRUCTION! Highly Modified C3 Corvette
         Dual Wishbone IRS w Subframe + Custom Uprights

8/19/2018 2:19 pm  #92

Re: The aftermarket IRS picture thread

I'm also interested in building a 65 with IRS based on the Arning design. Have you made any progress? Have you seen the online info from the new R Code cars by the "Original Venice Crew"?


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