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12/24/2016 10:00 am  #1

94 XJ6 IRS Questions

Let me start with I am new to even the idea of putting an IRS in a vehicle that has a solid axle right now, so I am just starting to do research and have to learn even the basics.

4.8 LS swapped regular cab short bed 98 S-10 with a NV3500 5 spd.  I will eventually put a T56 in it, but I have the 5 spd on hand.  The motor is completely stock for now.  The truck will be a spirited daily driver with some attempts at running autocross.

I recently started working at a shop that works on Jaguars and Land Rovers and I have been drooling over the IRS in the Jags.  I realize the 94 XJ6 IRS is not as self contained as a lot of the other units, and not very popular with hot rod guys for that reason, but that part doesn't really concern me.  My concerns are more in the differential and the power they can handle.  I am also wondering if swapping to a different gear ratio would even be a possibility.  Are the differentials similar to the other more self contained units?  I am interested in this setup because we have a 94 XJ6 parts car with a complete setup in it, and just wanting to make sure I don't go through the hassle of putting it in, only to have it blow up or be stuck with a really high gear ratio.



12/24/2016 7:51 pm  #2

Re: 94 XJ6 IRS Questions

I don't know if the newer units use the Saulsberry diff or not.  if it is it is basically a Dana 44 and good up to 400 HP.  

If it isn't broken..... modify it anyway!!!!

12/30/2016 11:22 am  #3

Re: 94 XJ6 IRS Questions

I have a 98 ZR2 S10 myself. If I had the time and resources, I'd do the a similar swap myself. Only concern I would have is the wheel bolt pattern from the 94 unit. If this before the Ford acquisition of Jag.
Not that redrilling the pattern is difficult, but it is good to check.
A shop down the street from me did a similar swap with a Vette axle into a full size Chevy truck and it was very straight forward. I expect it would be easy with a jag rear and a good cross member into you S10.

Good luck and can't wait to see pics!


12/31/2016 8:15 am  #4

Re: 94 XJ6 IRS Questions

Forgot to mention a couple items. First is, if you want to change your wheelbase length, now would be the perfect time to do it.
Also, the u joint will be different. Not a big deal, but something else to be aware of.


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