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8/29/2016 12:49 pm  #1

Street Legal?

Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone knew if 4 link suspension is legal in the state of Pennsylvania. If you do, what resource did you use to find out? If not, do you know who I can contact to find out?


8/30/2016 12:13 am  #2

Re: Street Legal?

The cops/legislature in PA are so power mad that this is a real question?
How would they justify such a level of intrusiveness?
Not to get too political, but are Americans now so cowering that we would accept this level of Gov. dominance?

Seems the old saw, "It's easier to seek forgiveness than permission" might apply here?
Sorry to rant rather than answer your question, I just hate Gov. overreach!

At these prices I want my gas 100 octane, leaded, and my windshield washed!

9/03/2016 4:31 pm  #3

Re: Street Legal?

I cannot imagine any reason a four link would not be legal. GM used a triangulated four link in their cars for decades. Caprice cop cars have four links in them. The question you should be asking is weather or not a home built four link would be legal.


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