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5/13/2016 8:29 am  #1

Baseline set up


I am in the midst of an ambitious project.   I am building a pro-touring 1960 Falcon with an SLA front and a rear-end out of a 2015 Mustang.  I admittedly have little experience with IRS suspension, so if you could please humor my ignorance and answer a few questions, I'd appreciate it.    
1)  With the car sitting at ride height,and the rear end installed, what angle should the half-shafts be?  
2)  Is pinion angle critical? I "assumed" that zero degrees was best, 


5/13/2016 8:31 am  #2

Re: Baseline set up

apparently I have to post twice to include pictures

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5/13/2016 11:34 am  #3

Re: Baseline set up

Here is a pic and a rendering

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5/21/2016 2:16 am  #4

Re: Baseline set up

Greetings - welcome aboard!  That is a cool looking project.  Level is a good place to be starting for the 1/2 shafts at ride height.  Be sure and check out some of the links I've posted that will help do the diagram/planning for you. 
There is no specific discussion on pinion angle as I recall - but there is a good bit of discussion on drive shafts and angle.

Looks cool - very cool.  Are you on Lateral-G or Pro-Touring too?  Might be some interest there in your ride too.

Cheers - Jim

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5/21/2016 8:04 am  #5

Re: Baseline set up

Thanks Jim.   I admittedly didn't check previous posts. I am just getting in to the build.  I have been collecting parts and doing research.  I actually started deconstructing/disassembling the car this week. AS you can see, I have a LOT of work ahead of me.

I plan on a build thread on  I'm still deciding between an Ecoboost 3.5 twin turbo and a Coyote TiVct 5.0, but I'm leaning towards the latter.  

I needed to know what base "position" was needed to mock-up and install the rear suspension.  As I said, this will be my first build with an IRS so I'm certain to have more questions.     

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6/09/2016 7:21 am  #6

Re: Baseline set up

Half shafts should be level or slightly up hill from the diff to the hub carrier. CV's are far more forgiving than U joints but most people who set these up like to keep the CV angle at ride height as close to zero as possible. This reduces wear on the bearings and cages in the CV and enables the joint to transmit the most power safely to the wheel. With any angle in a cv joint the joint pumps the grease through the bearing assembly. The greater the angle, the faster the grease gets pumped.I have seen CV boots blow up like a balloon from boiling grease. This was from too much CV angle on a subaru I jacked up years ago.A little angle is ok. avoid extreme angles for obvious reasons.


11/27/2018 1:18 am  #7

Re: Baseline set up

What's the link to your build on



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