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2/29/2016 3:16 am  #1


Hello everyone, ive just registered here after someone on the jaguarforums mentioned this place as I had a Jag IRS query. Most of you will probably be abroad in the USA but im in Lancashire, England

I've only had a quick peep around here so far but im liking the look of it so far !

I've got an '84 Jag XJ6 that I put some Cragar Smoothies on but they're only 7" wide so just aren't big enough. I want to shorten the driveshafts and lower suspension arms by about 3" so that I can get my wheels banded to 10".

If anyone has any pointers on where to start that would be great ! In the meantime I'm going to have a look around at what looks like quite a lot of good projects.


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