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5/10/2015 12:49 am  #1

Calliper Removal

Surely I won't be the first to encounter this problem,

I'm trying to remove the callipers from my jag rear, the axle is out of the car now due to me being so frustrated but it hasn't helped

The calliper bolts will not come out as the disc stops them, the two big holes in the disc aren't quite big enough (you can see the bolt but its about 5mm off centre to the hole)

Surely I don't have to strip off the drive shafts, split the callipers and remove the disks???

Help please



6/03/2015 12:00 am  #2

Re: Calliper Removal

Hi sedatev8,
Regarding  rear inboard brakes, take a look at Kirby Palm's "Experience in a Book".
Below is a link to a free download.  Worthwhile reading. There are a lot of helpful tips on rear suspension maintenance.   Some tips on removing rear rotors are on page 445. Caliper removal instructions are on 446.

Hope this helps.

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