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5/03/2015 1:17 pm  #1

IRS in my Jensen

Hi Chaps and Daze

Thank you for this forum and willingness to share your knowledge Daze and all the other memebers too

I am about the embark on fitting IRS into my jensen Interceptor, I have little knowledge of IRS but.. I am always working in my barn on my Cars, A company re-vamped the interceptor and fitted IRS from one of the Jags in it, I am able to get to one of them and have a measure up to ry to find the correct to buy and use, I do have a Sailsbury power lock diff already with a 2.88:1 ratio which is what I want as I have fitted a 5 speed manual gearbox to it, but I am unsure exactly what jag to get my parts from, I dont know the correct width exactly of the IRS/Jag axle used in the new Jensens yet but I do have some pics.
I also can get a diff housing that looks correct from an XJ6 that I belive used a sailsbury diff (apart fromit not being a LSD, but can I fit my  Sailsbury power lock in this diff housing would you know please , if so then that is the diff part sorted I believe >>>
This is the XJ6 housing I can buy >>>

The rest of the kit is also available but I am needing the outboard brake set up, so does that mean that the rest of the parts in this lot, ie Drive shafts and Hub carriers will no good for out board brakes or Ok please? I am unsure what mounts the Callipers etc on out board brakes and so am unsure what I will need extra or maybe I will need different hub carrier drive shafts etc?

I still need to confirm the width of the one I need as I notice some Jag IRS's do vary in width don’t they? I can go and measure one that has been done to a Jensen but it isn’t available to get at right now, unless maybe the pictures below show you guys something that may determine which one it actually is that they use? Here is a picture of one in the Interceptor and also below that a show one from a Jensen sales stand for promotion purposes.
I realise we will have to fabricate the top cross member (in black in pic) to mount the unit on the car, I realise this is a bespoke item and once I can measure it then I can get that done

So I guess I would like to know are all the XJ6 and XJS diff housings the same (the ones that have the 4 x fixing holes in the top) if so I can get that no probs.
Here is the pics of the show /sales promo Axle and below that the under car shot of one fitted
2 pics as I had a bit of trouble as they were links to elsewhere.>>>>> EDIT I couldnt post the last pic but I will try to edit it

Any help would be greatly appreciated Chaps

Thank you for listening

With my kind regards


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2/04/2016 2:14 pm  #2

Re: IRS in my Jensen

Hi Grant,

I saw your post and was wondering whether you made any progress with your IRS/Jensen plan..
I am very interested as well!
Did you ever check Art Morrison in the US of A?
They carry an IRS which has a usable 'hub to hub' size..

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2/11/2016 4:05 am  #3

Re: IRS in my Jensen

Not that Art Morrison shouldn't be proud of their work, but their products are pricey. I'm sure their products are worth it though. I know their frames for 58-64 Chevys are 8-10 grand. Great for race projects, just not the budget.


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