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3/22/2015 7:44 pm  #1

Annual fund raiser to fund the forum

This forum has been active for quite a few years now.  During that time I have relied on donations from forum members during the annual fund raisers to cover some of the operating cost of the actual forum and domain name .  It is that time of year again so I will be taking donations. Normally March is our annual fund raiser month however I forgot to start it at the beginning of the month so this year it will be the end of March and all of April.  I will except donations anywhere from $1.00 on up.  Feel free to give what ever you can.  Donating to the forum is 100% optional and if no one donates the forum IS NOT in jeopardy of closing!! No mater what happens with donations I will continue to cover any unpaid operating costs.  Donations can be sent through PayPal to please mark the payment as "forum donation".  At the end of April I will unpin this post.  Thanks for supporting

If it isn't broken..... modify it anyway!!!!

5/01/2015 6:44 am  #2

Re: Annual fund raiser to fund the forum

Fund raiser is over thank you to everyone that donated!!.  We raised about 25% of the funding needed to run the forum.

If it isn't broken..... modify it anyway!!!!
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