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7/13/2014 5:33 am  #1

Lower shock mount & more

New to the site and thanks in advance.Bought a 79 Vet that was setting for about 5 years. Owner said it ran rough and just parked it. Thought a good tune up would do, but the timing chain must have snapped. Motor is toast. The short  version is we have the motor and tranny out, all front end componets and now working on rear. Replacing all bushings and can not get the lower shock mout out. Any sugestions?

Other than an off the frame resteration, we are completetly replacing everything on the steering,front suspention, engine, tranny and now thinking about the rear. I'm not to educated on the subject, but have rebuild 4/6 cylinder engines and all back yard projects. Other questions are about a crate engine. It has the SB 350. I am thinking of Jeg's Dressed 383 420HP. They have recommended the Street Fighter transmission (525HP) Does this combo sound right? What about the rear? Havent asked Jegs.


7/13/2014 3:57 pm  #2

Re: Lower shock mount & more

Welcome Aboard! Fellow Vette Owner!  Another Frame-Off SLAVE!!
Mine a 78 - original owner.

Where are you on the front end?  Just starting - or deep in to it?  Looking at Coil Overs - or a mono-spring?  I did A mono-spring (Vette Brakes or VanSteel- can't remember)  with SPC upper Control Arms and extended Howe Ball Joints.  I have a few books to recommend (in fact, may be listed elsewhere here.)  Also a few software programs to help (and confuse) you on teh IRS.

I will shortly be selling my Giovanni Rear Suspension I built.  It is a respectable bit of hardware - Dual Mount rear monospring, takes the half shafts out of the load equation, slip fit half shafts, etc, etc.

If you haven't yet checked in @ great source for all things corvette - especially as you are making MODS!   [Some sites don't think we should mess with these cars!]
Also I suggest you engine/tranny/rear end questions are perfect for  Grumpy is all over 'vettes and a heap of experience in answering such questions - or already answered there.

Now, my set up (becoming a Track car/racer/sometime street) is a 383 - somewhere around 450HP/420ft#.  Mated to a 200r-4 (Bowtie Stage II) that I've reset as a Full Manual/Reverse transmission - so it is now basically a clutchless manual transmission.  I have upped the Torque Converter to 2800 RPM.  The rear differential is a 4.11 Tom's with maximum splines (I forget how many).   
Just now diddling with the steeting etc - and firewalls.  You'll have fun! 

Welcome aboard again!  When you hit the "magic" number of posts -- add some pictures!

BTW - Your setup sounds close and reasonable.
Cheers - Jim

UNDERCONSTRUCTION! Highly Modified C3 Corvette
         Dual Wishbone IRS w Subframe + Custom Uprights

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