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1/30/2013 1:01 pm  #1

Need independent knowledge!

First off thanks for the great site.  I wish I had something to contribute other than a few questions.  Who knows, maybe you'll be entertained with something a little less familiar to your interests.
 I'm looking to build a side by side that is remarkably more durable than what is out there.  I've looked EVERYWHERE and can't find a solid foundation for an IFS ( I know I said IFS not IRS).  I really don't want to get too heavy or large, but I'm short on options.
Question:  Can the axle housing tube be removed from an IFS setup and copy what is done on the other side of the diff?  Or do any of you know what vehicle might have a smaller, strong diff in the rear that I might get reverse cut gears for and also have locker options?  I'd like to try to stick with the same make front and rear.  Thanks in advance for even reading this.


1/30/2013 4:05 pm  #2

Re: Need independent knowledge!

Welcome aboard -
Hummmm.  I am not familiar withthe term a "side by side." 
As to an IFS, as I recall  terrylracing has some experience at that end of the vehicle - perhaps he'll chime in here.  And in answer to what I understand as your basic question -- can you make an IFS like an IRS -- Definately So!  The C5 Corvette uses similar control Arms for both the front and rear.  Not to mention formula cars, LOCOST and others.  For the C5, because they are both built with ball joints - the design can easily control Toe in the rear and Steer the front!

Cheers - Jim

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1/30/2013 5:46 pm  #3

Re: Need independent knowledge!

Are we talking about a UTV only on a slightly larger scale?


1/31/2013 5:32 am  #4

Re: Need independent knowledge!

Digz, yes that is what I'm after.  Not even really on a bigger scale, just heavier duty parts.  I'd like to keep the track width 64" or less.  The problem I have is the weight and width of the most common IRS leaves me with little room for travel.
Also, I'm not trying to go super cheap, but the corvette parts are very sought after and are quite expensive because of that.  The ford explorer has the 8.8 rearend with a track width of 61", but is heavy and honestly overkill for what I'm building.  It would be adding weight that really isn't needed.  I'm still searching!

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1/31/2013 6:05 am  #5

Re: Need independent knowledge!

I'm not very familiar with 4x4 IFS stuff, but my thoughts took me to things like a geo Tracker , then Nissan. The 95-96 Nissan front center section looks like it could be narrowed up, from the outside anyway. I have no reference for the size of the components tho. Fun idea, but will definately take some research.  


1/31/2013 9:34 am  #6

Re: Need independent knowledge!

The Jag diff excepts dana 44 ring and pinion parts, and the dana 44 was put in LOTS of 4X4 as a front axle so I am sure you could get reverse cut gears for it

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1/31/2013 11:26 am  #7

Re: Need independent knowledge!

I think I'm going to research the dana 36 corvette rearend.  It's smaller than the dana 44 and I'm sure there's plenty of aftermarket goodies for it.  Anyone have any advice on where I could find views of the hubs? weight? size?

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1/31/2013 11:30 am  #8

Re: Need independent knowledge!

Sory yall!!!! I found an awesome picture gallery that'll help a bunch...........on this forum! LOL

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