Independent Rear Suspension, OEM, aftermarket, stock configuration or heavily modified, all makes and models, everyone is welcome here!!!

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IRS Video's

IRS Burnouts

Lots of burn outs from London, OH. Ford Shelby Cobra show 2008.

London, OH Shelby Festival 2012

Cobra Burnouts - take offs.... London, Ohio Cobra Show 2006

Ford IRS

Cobra IRS knuckle rebuild

Knuckle and halfshaft removal from IRS

1971 C10 Project Chop Top with IRS

LATAMUD BOSS408 66 Mustang Budget Build IRS cam trip#1

BOSS408 66 Mustang Budget Build

2015 Ford Mustang - IRS vs Live Axle


IRS QTR 100%, 20% and 5% speed

Classic Mustang IRS by Duane Carling

New Mustang with Duane's IRS

FTBR Subframe Prep for Bushing Install (Part 1) (Part2)

Mustang Cobra IRS knuckle rebuild

FTBR Subframe Install

Front Differential Mount Comparison

Loose, worn out Bushings on an IRS

Mustang Cobra IRS differential mounts

Mustang Cobra OEM control arm demostration

1963 Meteor ... road test with patented "IRS cam"!

GoPro Under Car Shows Suspension While Driving


1971 C10 Project Chop Top with Independent Rear Suspension

Chevy IRS

Motion shots of c4 irs in turbo bmw e30

C4 Corvette IRS, 2002 Pontiac Trans Am WS6

Devin SS - Narrowing C4 Dana IRS (part 1 thru 4)

C3, 1939 Chevrolet College

The Driveshaft Shop brings to PRI 2011 the brand new Hammer Head 12 Bolt Housing for 5th Gens

Install a Lakewood trailing arm for the 2010 Chevy Camaro to reduce wheel hop :: Modern Muscle X

GTO 6 speed wheel hop

Camaro Solid Subframe Mount Video

Roadster Shop GM IRS

Roadster Shop/Chris Jacobs 1966 Chevelle

Corvette C4 In Motion

C3-SharkBite Suspension

Newman Car Creations 68 Camaro IRS.m4v C4

First drive C4 conversion in a BMW!

Dragvette 6 link C3/ Removes Camber

BMR Cradle Bushing 2010 Camaro SS LS3!

Corvette install poly bushings rear upper control arm C5 Z06

Repalcement 1953-1982 Corvette Chassis by Street Shop Inc.

C4 1946 Body Off complete build video 5 Corvette Suspension Part3

Vtech Corvette Trailing Arms Rebuild C2/C3

How to rebuild a Corvette rear wheel bearing part 1 C2/C3

How to rebuild a Corvette rear wheel bearing part 2 C2/C3

Gordon Saiki 6-9-12 Wheelie Tom's Differentials IRS 12 bolt with 275 drag radials

1968 Corvette 10.35 @ 128mph and wheelie, IRS

Jaguar IRS

Rear Suspension

Working on the Jaguar E-Types' IRS - Mounting the Rear Brakes

Working on the Jaguar E-Type IRS - Safety wiring the brake caliper bolts

Jaguar XJS Rear Axle

Jaguar With Outboard Brakes 59 Chevy Truck

Mickmate (Nick) Jag Upper Watts link Acton Custom Enterprises

Arntz Butler AC Cobra Watts Link

Watts #2 by 6 speed

Watts #3 by 6 speed

Working on the Jaguar E-Type IRS - Mounting the Emergency Brake Calipers

Working on the Jaguar E-Type IRS - Safety wiring the brake caliper bolts

Jaguar IRS hub rebuild

Rear Axle Jaguar XJC (Daimler Sovereign Coupé)


Dynatrac Pro 60-IRS from Dynatrac Products Co. Inc. ID13554

Drive Shaft Shop Level 5 Axles Install - Challenger R/T

Heidts IRS

How To Install A Heidts Pro G Mustang IRS

1934 Ford Tudor Sedan undershot! Rods R Us-Heidts

Heidts PRO G IRS in Action

PureVision PRO-G IRS Walkthrough 1970 Mustang

Heidts 71 Camaro at Miller Park - SCCA autocross

Other IRS

IRS QTR 100%, 20% and 5% speed Holden

U joint, CV joint and Thompson CV joint

ICONIC AC Roadster Suspension

Honda STR S2000 - Penske L/R Suspension Cam

Here is a good visual of how a pinion gear tries to climb the ring gear
No traction bars

Traction bars/proper preload/on bottom hole of front bracket

Citroën C6 Suspension

Just For Fun 4X4
Rear View Of Independent Suspension

Mini cooper axle machining 1,2,3

Double Wishbone Suspension - Explained

Caster - Explained

Loose, worn out Bushings on an IRS

CV Axle Joint Animation

Universal joint

Thompson Coupling.wmv

All The Kings Men

Chassis AC Cobra aluminio

BMW M3 IRS, Sunbeam Tiger, Peter's Creation

GoPro in Rear Suspension of Porsche RSR

Auto-X Suspension Cam/ Watch The Bushing In The Foreground

Brimstone Cycles: On The Road

Custom Caged Bearings

Kirkham AC Cobra IRS

MG Midget pushrod rear suspension test

Wheel Alignment

Independent Suspension on a Trailer

The Perfect Chassis Suspension


Rear independent suspension outlaw figure 8 car

New General Tire Trophy Truck #56 .mov

Rear Suspension on the Seven

Locost Super 7

Locost / Haynes Roadster - Skyline RB25DET Build Part 6 - Wheels are on!

Tiki Car Details

Ariel Atom Rear Suspension Unit Solidworks 2010

Stance GR 2 way coilover in a Honda S2000

Hub Buster

VW Buggy Suspension animation

BAC Mono video review by

The Importance of the Chassis Suspension For Maximum Control

Formula SAE


SolidWorks Formula SAE Design Project

Formula Student University of Maribor (UNI MB GPE) - Front and rear suspension footage

NUS FSAE 2006 Launch

Formula SAE Rear Suspensions 2010

TUfast nb010 - High Speed Cam - Take Off

Turabo Formula SAE 2011 FM1 The Movie

Formula 1

Animation - Building a Formula 1 Car

Inside GP F1 Suspensions

F1 Ferrari F60 without KERS

Understanding Formula 1: Factory Hinwil. Maintenance

Secrets of F1 - Preview 01

Formula 1 --- Tribute to active suspension era


JBP Trikes Slagharen Holland

Unsprung Weight

Unsprung Mass

Virginia Tech Formula SAE 2010 4 Post Rig at Viper VIR

IRS Design

What is a CV axle and HOW TO tell if it's bad.

Formula Student Fahrwerk Simulation - Infinity Racing 2011 - HD

Easy and Effective Virtual Prototyping of Vehicle Suspensions

Watts Link Precision Positioning and Race Car Suspension

Sports car design using SolidWorks 2007

Suspension Animation

Watts Mechanism

Solidworks Sport car rear suspension simulation

SolidWorks BAJA SAE Tutorials - Large Assembly Tips and Tricks

FSAE suspension demo version 2

Roll Center and Wedge


Adjustable Shocks - How they work - How to adjust

Skunk2 PRO-S and PRO-S Coilovers Explained Part 4

RideTech Coil-Over Shock and Springs - Introduction

Penske Racing Shocks - 2011 Indy 500 Track Support

Other Parts

HyperCo Springs

Curry Johnny Joint

Air Bag Suspension

Australian Street Rod Manual How To Government Guide PDF

Bits and Pieces - COMPONENTS for your Build

Software Solutions for IRS design/Layouts?

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Re: IRS Video's

WOW! thanks for all the information. It's going to take me awhile to read and take it all in. Thanks again.


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Re: IRS Video's

thanks very nice


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Re: IRS Video's

Sound so delicious thanks!!


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Re: IRS Video's

Here's a quick hint for all: (well at least it works for me)

I use iLiVid (I- live-vid) as a download manager.  Does great downloading so you can watch on you HDD later.  I was affraid I'd have to copy and paste the links separately.  - Not SO!  I copied the titles/headers Ralphy dillengtly included and the link.  When I went to paste in the links - voilla!  IILivid asked if I, "Wanted to download the following?"  I had to do no cut and paste to dump the titles. 
Click and away they go.  Now I can watch in my "free/spare moments"  - until Ralphy adds some more!

Cheers - Jim

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         Dual Wishbone IRS w Subframe + Custom Uprights

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Re: IRS Video's

Add five more.

Motorcycle/JBP Trikes Slagharen Holland

Heidts IRS/How To Install A Heidts Pro G Mustang IRS

IRS Burnouts, added three

By the way, thanks for the complements. It took some time putting these together. Some may have been removed by now by the owners, sorry.


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