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2/27/2012 2:49 pm  #31

Re: The Ford IRS picture thread

The uprights I had cut, reversed the lower bushings and moved the pivot points out to the same plane as the axle bearings. They were designed to be used with inboard brakes so there was no need for the inward offsets, this makes the control arms longer and results in a longer range of suspension travel for a given track width. The plan was to drill them for the bushings and then contour the arms to remove the extra metal, leaving nicely shaped but strong attachment arms and just enough strength in the bearing housing.

I didn't use them because the MGB did not have enough room under the unibody frame rails for an upper link. Ride height would have been compromised even with a UCA which surrounded the half shaft like the T-Bird used. Also the 8.8" diff was in the way of the battery boxes which I was determined to keep, and that was the real nail in the coffin.


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2/27/2012 7:09 pm  #32

Re: The Ford IRS picture thread

Do you know the distance between the LCA and half-shaft off hand? I just measured my C3 and I have app. 6 3/4". Again my thinking is the narrower this distance the stronger the upright would be with regard to acceleration and braking. I would need to keep my lower shock mount at the original position which is also 6 3/4". I would more than likely need to build a curved UCA to clear my frame but I think it's very doable.

In response to the thread you posted, it looks to be app. a 4" to 4 1/4" bolt circle on my bearing housing. I hate to start doing more changes, I already spent $$$ on Wilwood brakes. Those blanks you have might be a marketable item at Club Cobra. They have a large member group. Plus I would say the Cobra guys have more IRS conversions than any other group.

I can understand why you would want to move the control arm points out being that your ride is so narrow,  yes?

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5/17/2012 7:29 am  #33

Re: The Ford IRS picture thread

Just found these pics at CC by priobe. Check out how he mounted the UCA plus he went with two coilovers. Hmmm...... That is a EM chassis. An issue is creating enough length also for the coilovers, do you see the offset LCA's? Again I like these knuckles due to the fact they place the LCA so close to the axle center line. This should be a more rigid setup.


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5/17/2012 3:46 pm  #34

Re: The Ford IRS picture thread

My BUDDHA!  Those are large diameter pipes. Seen other angles bed\fore and still makes me think - a good option for stealth exhaust pipes!

Thanks Ralphy!

Cheers - Jim

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5/17/2012 3:56 pm  #35

Re: The Ford IRS picture thread

Looks bullet proof, Ralphy.  I do see the double A-arm offsets.  Is this all hand made one of a kind?

I have a theory on why Jaguar used two coil-overs per side.  I think the torsion bar front of the XKE was really sprung very light.  The poor motion ratio of the rear was forcing the engineers to use high spring rates in the rear even with a low wheel rate.  By using two springs, they could not only spread the high force loads to the body over a large area, but reduce the harshness of the ride.  Could this be the thinking here on this Cobra?

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5/17/2012 4:36 pm  #36

Re: The Ford IRS picture thread

Doug just as you said, UCA mounted to the frame. I think it is a one of a kind. EM has done various suspension packages. Solid axle coilover and leaf spring. Jag and Corvette C4. Maybe they did go Ford in later years.


Here's another from CC

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4/07/2013 5:41 am  #37

Re: The Ford IRS picture thread

I came across a couple of old photos of the T5 Musting IRS.

Here's the one I wanted to post from days gone bye of the T5!


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11/15/2013 12:23 pm  #38

Re: The Ford IRS picture thread

Well after open heart surgery, which believe me will knock the wind out of your sails, then my wife having
a stroke and heart surgery, I'm back working on the suspension for the mustang, I hope these pictures
load up O.K.


2/01/2014 7:10 am  #39

Re: The Ford IRS picture thread


2/01/2014 8:20 pm  #40

Re: The Ford IRS picture thread

I'm glad to see that guy is protecting his hands. He will need them to read braille after he goes blind.


7/13/2014 4:12 pm  #41

Re: The Ford IRS picture thread

Guys, I need info on the Sierra/Merkur IRS.
How similar, if at all, to the T-Bird/Mustang version?
How strong?
Should be much smaller than the U.S. Ford 8.8 diff.

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1/20/2015 2:04 am  #42

Re: The Ford IRS picture thread

I've just purchased a '65 Mustang FB for my retirement project car and it was good that time but not now.


5/08/2016 12:43 pm  #43

Re: The Ford IRS picture thread

Installed on my daddywagon. From a 2004 mustang cobra!


5/08/2016 12:47 pm  #44

Re: The Ford IRS picture thread



5/08/2016 12:56 pm  #45

Re: The Ford IRS picture thread


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