Independent Rear Suspension, OEM, aftermarket, stock configuration or heavily modified, all makes and models, everyone is welcome here!!!

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9/25/2010 3:39 pm  #1

Welcome to the Independent Rear Suspension Forum

I am the proud owner of both a 64.5 Ford Mustang as well as a 62 Ford Galaxie. Being a Mustang lover I enjoy the benefit of 5 large Mustang forums and many other little ones, that I can post on if I want information, ideas, help or just to share what I am working on. Several years ago I had trouble finding a Galaxie forum that I could call home. So taking my experience as a co-admin on one of the larger Mustang Forums I have created my own.  It has grown and is doing well, and now I feel it is time to start another forum dedicated specifically to independent rear suspension.  As many of you know I have five detailed web pages (so far) on the  install of my Jaguar IRS in to my 64.5 Mustang.  Because of these web pages I have receive many emails asking questions over the years, and other sharing what they are working on.  It occured to me that there are enough of us doing this kind of install that a forum could be created so we could all benefit from sharing information.  I hope to build a large family here where people can share, and where all opinions and questions are welcome. My specific project involves a Jaguar IRS in a Ford but there are many other possible configurations. ALL are welcome here. Enjoy, post questions, and introduce your self I would love to get to know you and more importantly get to read about your project.

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