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1/19/2019 12:43 pm  #1

Coilover mounting angle

Not sure if this will find the right person but thought I would try registering and give it a try. Unfortunately it is difficult to send photos to reference my project so will give best description. I have installed a Chevy v6 in a Triumph Spitfire with a Thunderbird IRS differential. I have the Tbird uprights mounted on my own crafted a-arms with stock axles. I will flare the fenders to accomodate the much wider rear end and figure out the front later. All I need to do is decide on mounting coilovers. Two choices- both will have lower mount close to the rear lower upright pivot point. One option is to angle the top of the coilover in at 45 degrees and use a coilover that uses 9" spring (180 or 200 lb), 11" mounted length. 9.5 comp. and 13" ext. It would mount to the upper suspension frame. Other option is to mount it at 15 degrees and attach a longer coilover (12" spring) mounted to the inside of the wheel well (reenforced) and use a 150 lb. spring. I am concerned that 45 might be too much angle but would easier to fabricate and mount to frame.

Sure would appreciate any suggestions. 


1/25/2019 2:09 pm  #2

Re: Coilover mounting angle

The closer to vertical you can make it the better off you will be.  The angle of the coil over reduces its total travel (coil over still has the same amount of travel but the suspension will have less travel before the coilover bottoms out) and it will reduce its effectiveness (less shock dampening less spring rate).  It sounds to me like you have accounted for these things (correct me if I am wrong) so if it was me I would try to get the coil over as vertical as possible and then make adjustment as needed to allow it to work within the confines of the fabrication and practicality.  email some pix and I can post them for you.

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1/26/2019 5:37 am  #3

Re: Coilover mounting angle

Thank you for the reply Daze. I will take your advice and see if I can fabricate a bit more space to reduce the angle, Thanks, Dan

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