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7/25/2017 6:17 am  #1

S550 Mustang IRS

Has anyone done any analysis or dimensional data on the 2015 Mustang IRS. Unless my searching was incorrect, I am not seeing any data on it in this forum

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8/05/2017 1:36 am  #2

Re: S550 Mustang IRS

PaulPeroe wrote:

Has anyone done any analysis or the dimensional data on the 2015 Mustang IRS.


I haven't Paul but I'd like to see some analysis too.

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8/30/2019 12:49 pm  #3

Re: S550 Mustang IRS

I just purchased a 2015 GT 5.0 Torsen IRS (on 08/27) from the Parts Farm in Lyons, GA. My plan is to install it in my '65 Mustang FB. It looks like I will need to have a custom frame fabricated and I will most likely use Daze's carriage approach for mounting, I am having an additional set of forward spring clips inside the frame rails for the mounting carriage.  I plan to maintain the existing Ford geometry but am looking at fabricated upper and lower control links to go with the custom frame. The difference in width is significant between the '65 and the '15 (about 7") this will require custom 1/2 shafts to make this fit. I am having mini tubs installed and the MTF full frame C-6 front suspension.  Paul, 1965 Mustang FB, Woodstock, GA


8/30/2019 1:45 pm  #4

Re: S550 Mustang IRS

I built my cobra rear end very similarly. Used half shafts from The DriveShaft Shop. They use Porsche 930 style halfshafts with adapter ends to match the Ford components.


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