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8/08/2018 7:24 pm  #1

These classic Chuck Taylor style shoes

Check out the converse slip on. Blah, right? Oh, you don't think so? Neither do millions of others. They're passionate about their Converse white shoes because they bring out all the colors in their souls.

You love monochrome but you want a high top. Got it. The white converse is the ideal combination of classic Chuck Taylor styling, comfortable fit, and that indefinable something in every Converse. Define it for yourself, because with these shoes you can go any way, anywhere you want.

Pick up a hint of color to start your day. Slip on a pair of converse high tops. This standard model features a red and white stripe accent that is more than just the All American design motif. It's a universal style that will appeal to Converse lovers everywhere. That's everyone, right?

The white all stars converse show the beginnings of that paradox. These classic Chuck Taylor style shoes are Converse and all Converse. The black fabric and white with black stripe wraps show that clearly. It just doesn't get any purer than this. Yet, they're made with today's materials, today's consumer in mind.

Looking for a cool variation on that classic look? Check out the womens converse sale. Black on black never looked so good. The soles have been dyed to match, giving you the ultimate in stealth appeal. Monochrome means "one color", but it also sometimes means "dull". Not this time. Not by a long shot.


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