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12/26/2011 11:40 pm  #1

FNG from the great NW!

Hey all! I'm Matt. I'm from the wonderful town of Boring, Oregon. haha yes you read that correctly.
I'm 20 years old, run my own business restoring old cars and working on pretty much anything. Jack of all trades, master of none i like to say.
I don't know what the rules are about advertising about your business on this site so I won't be doing that just yet.
I've got a 1993 Dodge Dakota sport that started out as a v6 auto 2wd truck that had an extended cab and short bed.
My plan for this truck is to make it into an auto-x/road racing truck with a little drag mixed in.
I will be robbing a 06-09 Dodge Viper of it's seats, trans, maybe motor, rear irs set up and brakes set up. maybe more.
Anyways if you have any pointers on how to get a 50/50 weight distribution with a truck, i'm all ears lol
There's a pic of  it in my signature.


93 Dakota Pro-touring project
-Viper IRS, brakes, transmission, wheels, seats and engine.

12/27/2011 3:36 am  #2

Re: FNG from the great NW!

That will be a cool project - and quite a Sleeeper too.  Great you can access all those bits for the build,  and Welcome Aboard!
I have one idea on the 50/50 wt distro.  If that is what you are looking for - for the better ballance of the truck - you'll bee keeping the front and rear tire widths the same.  At a 40/60 F/R you would look to having wider rear tires than the front - about 1 1/2 times wider in the rear.   A set of  Drag Radials on the hind end would get you to the drags too, and the wt balance better for hooking up.  (Can't say I've tried that - but the theory's all there.)

Cheers - Jim

UNDERCONSTRUCTION! Highly Modified C3 Corvette
         Dual Wishbone IRS w Subframe + Custom Uprights

12/27/2011 7:45 am  #3

Re: FNG from the great NW!

Very cool project !  I'm kinda new at this stuff, but I recently hit the scales with my 90" wheel base van. It started out as a 2800# curb weight thing . Thru the V8 conversion and adding a auto trans  and interior I gained about 800#,  It ended up at 40% R and 60%F almost spot on and the engine and trans sits behind the front axle. I'd put yours on the scale to see what you have to start with  if you already havent, then get all the weight specs on the components you want to add and break out the calculator for starters. Cab areas area little heavy from all the glass and extra structure. Moving the engine back is alot of work but doable . I'm currently woring on another old short van where I have moved it back another 14". Have to hit the scales this spring after the weather breaks and its a roller to see where I am at. Good luck and keep the posts coming!


12/27/2011 10:14 am  #4

Re: FNG from the great NW!

Welcome Matt, to give you an idea what it would take. My car is 50/50 and the front of my cylinder heads are almost a foot behind the front wheel centerline. I do have a BB all iron motor however. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is all it takes!

LOL! I do run a boring mill some days at work.


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12/27/2011 3:31 pm  #5

Re: FNG from the great NW!

Hey sinisterdakota, WELCOME TO THE FORUM!!!  I hope by FNG you mean "friendly new guy"  As to your project that looks like a lot of fun!!!  I have been following with great interest a project on trucks they are calling rolling thunder.  The took a Ford ranger added a cobra mod engine and and IRS and then reworked things to get that 50/50 weight ratio. Fun project to watch and sounds similar to what you are doing.  One thing to keep in mind in your project is not be afraid of a little extra weight in the rear.  What I am saying is the easiest way to to get to that 50/50 ratio is to add more weight to the back.  obviously you don't want to ad weight for the sake of weight, because it will slow you down, but don't be afraid to make a beefy support structure because the added weight will actually help with handling performance.

If it isn't broken..... modify it anyway!!!!

12/27/2011 9:38 pm  #6

Re: FNG from the great NW!

Thanks for all the warm welcomes! I have thought about most everything you all said about the 50/50 weight distribution and how to acheive it. Just wanted to see if there was anything different from what I've already done research on.
You all seem like pretty chill people so im anxious to get to know you all! Anyone around me in NW Oregon or SW Washington?

93 Dakota Pro-touring project
-Viper IRS, brakes, transmission, wheels, seats and engine.
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1/03/2012 4:25 am  #7

Re: FNG from the great NW!

So Ralphy, Are you are a machinist too?  I operate both vertical (Bullard)and horizontal(Cincinnati) boring mills daily.  As well as grey planners, shapers ,Bridgeports,  Lathes surface grinders , Cylindrical grinders, center less grinders and many many more.  I work in a job shop that  will take on just about any thing that can fit through the huge front doors.   From railroad bridge elevating systems to150 ton crane blocks for oilfield drilling rigs. we make and or repair any thing that pays well enough.Just before Christmas I made 100 flash suppressors for MA 2   50 cal. heavy machine guns.  Government contract that we were low bidder.


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