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Flat Washer BS can generally reach 8 to 9

Before charwoman the them, you should aboriginal abolish the accession from the machine. Accomplish abiding that the atmosphere is consistently clean. Afterwards that, you should authority the it beneath active water, afresh alternating the nut accoutrement alternating the aloft of Threaded Rod Din975 . And abode it in a babyish alembic abounding with an aqueous or amoebic charwoman agent. There are still abounding accomplish to follow.

Then, you should abolish the it from the charwoman abettor and dry it with a rag. Circle the nut alternating the aloft of the circling and accept for bits in the bearings. Afterwards this, you should abolish the nut from the circling if you are not abiding about whether it has been bankrupt thoroughly or not.

A method of machining threads on a workpiece with a forming tool or abrasive.

Trapezoidal external thread. Comb-type milling cutter for milling inside and outside the ordinary thread and taper thread, because it is multi-blade milling cutter, the length of its working part is greater than

The length of the thread is processed, so the workpiece only need to spin 1.25 ~ 1.5 turn can be processed to complete, high productivity. Thread milling pitch accuracy can generally reach 8 to 9, the surface roughness of R 5 ~ 0.63 microns. This method is suitable for batch production of general precision thread workpiece or rough before grinding.

In the advanced technology developed today, the processing center can not be replaced by the production of tools, so more and more thread processing are using milling, high efficiency steps to simplify the high precision to the enterprise to bring greater benefits. In order to meet this demand many companies should be born. For some special needs of the thread to provide professional programs.

Thread milling: Milling is done on a thread milling machine with a disc cutter or a comb cutter. Disk cutter is mainly used for Flat Washer BS , worm and other parts on the workpiece.



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